Project Operation and Maintenance:

Similar to our industrial wind O&M service offerings; we provide a complete suite of services which are essential to ensuring the ongoing value and production life of solar projects. We provide a number of services within our Solar maintenance program including:

Planned Maintenance Programs:

  • Turnkey O&M programs development and execution
  • Complete BOS maintenance program
  • Voltage and current testing requirements
  • Structural inspections and mechanical maintenance requirements
  • Medium voltage and substation maintenance requirements
  • Professional documentation requirements which meet all stakeholder requirements

On Demand Service Programs:

  • Prompt response to alarms and quality diagnostic and repair / replacement requirements
  • Panel cleaning, Ground Maintenance, Snow Removal

Remote Project Monitoring:

Northwind operates a dedicated remote monitoring location which includes 24 hour, 7 days per week project monitoring. This service offering includes technician dispatch processes that are managed on our enterprise software system. We have a well integrated asset monitoring, dispatch and planning group to ensure the most efficient and effective O&M program possible for all of our different customers.

Maintenance Scheduling and Event Reporting:

Northwind’s enterprise asset management software is capable of recording all desired facets of on-going maintenance, as well as construction work activities. This information includes images, measurement values as well as the as-found maintenance conditions and task completion requirements. The ability to capture this information in the field in an effective manner allows for reporting of information which leads to the knowledge to take cost effective, corrective measures to maximize solar project value and production.