Providing Quality Assurance and Quality Control services to our customers in both Operations and Maintenance, as well as in Construction Management scenarios, is a part of our business which we take very seriously at Northwind. We have invested a significant amount of time and rigor in defining and refining a high quality, thorough QA & QC inspection process with our staff. Northwind’s enterprise software implementation is an integral driver of the value we are able to deliver in this category.

We have performed QA / QC as part of our OEM commissioning services and have performed these services at over 20 different wind farms, over 1000 turbines as well as with utility scale and distributed generation solar projects in excess of 40 MW.

We have ensured that our Quality inspection services and commissioning process includes clear documentation which will be well substantiated as a result of the rigor we’ve built into our process and through our years of experience. We feel strongly that the time and care we have invested in perfecting our QA & QC inspection processes has allowed us to deliver real value to our customers which provides them with benefits that lasts for years.