Protecting these individuals from workplace injury or occupational disease is an important ongoing objective. We have endeavoured to establish a variety of programs, policies and procedures that are specifically designed to mitigate risks throughout the organization. We place emphasis on safety not only being a top priority but also an essential core value.

Investing in Health & Safety

The organization is invested in making safety an top priority. Our commitment to safety is one that is shared by all levels of senior leadership. We maintain a comprehensive health and safety program aimed at protecting our employees, contractors, visitors and guests, as well as property and equipment from accidents, injuries, undue harm, damage and/or loss. Working safely is not only an expectation of our staff but is also a condition of employment.

Health & Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility

Our internal responsibility system places the onus for health and safety on everyone within the organization. All parties involved must be dedicated to reducing risk and injury, eliminating or controlling any foreseeable hazards which could cause injury, security issues, property damage   as well as personal harm that could occur as a result of workplace injury or occupational illness.

All of our employees are held accountable for their health and safety as well as the health and safety of those around them. We expect our employees to ensure all tools, equipment and machinery are in good working condition, they are in compliance with legal requirements and follow all established safe work practices and procedures.


Northwind provides a variety of both internal and outsourced in-depth training programs to employees specific to their work tasks. These training programs are designed to give our employees the knowledge, skills and expertise they require to complete their work both efficiently and safely.

We hold all levels of management accountable for providing a safe work environment as well as enforcing safe work practices and procedures. All employees as well as contractors, visitors and guests are expected to work safely and in accordance with the OHSA, its regulations, and all other governing provincial and federal legislation, as required.

A steadfast commitment and daily vigilance to conducting safe work practices and operating within a safe and healthy work environment is not only an essential component of Northwind but is also in everyone’s best interest across the organization.

Supporting Health & Safety

Northwind supports the work of the Joint Health and Safety Committees (JHSC) and worker representatives within all of our member companies. Our JHSCs ensure all health and safety concerns are brought into the open bringing people of different skills and experience together to solve problems, mitigate reoccurrence, discuss solutions as well as improve communications within our workplace.

We believe working together on a foundation of commitment, enthusiasm and effort will integrate safety into all areas of our operations. Through open communication, cooperation, commitment and mutual respect we will achieve a workplace free of hazards, injuries or occupational illness.