The reward of maintaining environmentally responsible renewable energy projects, was the driving force behind Northwind establishment in 2004.  Our first project was to provide construction management services for a single wind farm in Manitoba.  Since then, Northwind has demonstrated a track-record of sustainable business growth and has diversified its service offerings delivered to North America’s renewable energy industry; an industry we are proud to be part of.

The leadership team at Northwind has built the organization into a leader in renewable energy, due to the passion we have for delivering excellent customer service, committing to innovation, and delivering quality workmanship, on a daily basis.  These commitments remain paramount among guiding principles for how business at Northwind continues to run today and will in the future.  We pride ourselves on earning and maintaining strong working relationships with everyone we come in touch with, while working on each project; this includes our customers, the staff of our partners, as well as the people who reside in the communities in which we have the privilege to work.

Our successes have been built on delivering excellent customer service, quality of work and innovation.