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The Safety of our employees and the people we work with is of highest priority to Northwind Solutions.


The following is our message from the president regarding our commitment to safety:


“Northwind Solutions is committed to establishing and maintaining a comprehensive Procedures Manual on Health and Safety aimed at protecting the employees, sub contractors, property and equipment from harm, damage and/or loss. Working safely is a condition of employment at Northwind Solutions.


Everyone in the company, as well as our sub contractors, must be dedicated to the objective of reducing risk and injury, and the elimination or control of all foreseeable hazards which could cause injury, security issues, damage to property and personal harm through injury or occupational illness.


All managers, supervisors and workers will be held accountable for their health and safety. All employees are responsible to ensure that all tools and machinery are safe and that they work in compliance with legal requirements and establish safe work practices and procedures.


Employees must receive adequate training in their specific work tasks, to protect their health and safety.


Every employee will be held accountable for protecting their own health and safety and that of their fellow employees, by working in compliance with the law and with safe work practices and procedures established by Northwind Solutions.


All employees are responsible for reporting unsafe equipment and machinery conditions to their supervisor and that such equipment shall not be used until repaired or replaced.


Where applicable, a Joint Health and Safety Committee will consist of employees and management representatives. The role of each committee member is to actively make recommendations to improve health and safety, and working conditions. The Committee will meet as required, and maintain minutes of all meetings and actively participate in accident and incident investigations.”






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News & Events

November 15, 2016

Northwind is attending and exhibting the @APPrOntario annual conference at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Tuesday, November 15-16.  If you\'re at the conference visit our exhibit to learn about our growing business. #appro2016

November 1, 2016

Northwind Solutions team members will be attending the 2016 Annual Conference in Calgary this year - November 1-3. Please contact us if you\'ll be in attendance and would like to connect with our team.  Link to the event